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Lawn to Garden Options


The Minimalist style focuses on low maintenance by using a simple combination of low growing grasses, and shrubs to create a simple, sleek look that requires little to no inputs year round.

This option can work in both shade and sun exposed sites


Naturalistic Meadow

This option uses layers of ornamental grasses and perennials to create a meadow that blooms all season long. The densely planted area works to suppress weeds and support wildlife which makes maintenance minimal and is comprised of an annual cutback in later winter. 


This option is used for sun and part sun exposed sites


Woodland Shade

The Woodland style is designed for shade areas and mimics a traditional forest understory.  This style contains a mix of woody species, under-planted with herbaceous plants such as ferns and ground covers to create a calm, and sheltered area.

The woodland style is great for areas surrounded by mature trees that create conditions for this type of plant palette and were turf is difficult to grow

Gravel Garden


Who says plants need soil to grow!  The gravel garden is an great option for areas of full sun where heat is an issue.  Our plant specialist pull from plants that have been proven to stand up in the scorching summer heat while along proving a easily maintained green space.

This option is for full sun sites only


Rain Garden

The Rain Garden option is for areas where drainage is an issue.  For this design we use a pallette of moisture loving plants such a reed grasses and wetland perennials to create a habitat that can help absorb heavy rainfall and storm water while also providing a beautiful habitat.

This option can be used in both shade and sun sites

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