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Winsley Campus Management

Sustainable campus design

Our landscape management team specializes in environmentally friendly design & management of commercial and residential campuses.  Clients include corporate centers, residential communities, schools, and public spaces.  Our approach uses progressive maintenance practices & planting design to create landscapes that are sustainable, low maintenance and beneficial to the surrounding ecosystem.  Using these methods we are able lower clients landscape budget while also enhancing the overall aesthetic of the grounds.


We offer a variety of packages that property managers can choose from to match their budgets and desired outcomes.


Landscape Audit -  A comprehensive look at the site and how you are currently managing things.  The primary goals is to look for ways to reduce maintenance costs, address problem areas, lower resource needs, and improve the overall look of your site.  Areas that we look at are the following:


  • Current landscape maintenance specifications ​

  • On-site debris management & composting

  • Turf grasses maintenance & fertilization programs

  • Irrigation systems, storm water management, & drainage

  • Additional problem areas needing attention

Planting Enhancement - Perennial plantings that provide year round beauty in areas that need a bit of a lift.  These are perfect for the following areas:

  • Entryways, high traffic areas, and commercial corridors

  • Unused turf areas to be converted to naturalistic meadows

  • Areas looking to build the next generation tree canopy

Monthly Site Visits/Contractor Oversight - Act as the liaison between client and all contractors involved with landscape operations with the goal of keeping client interests a top priority.  Comprehensive reports are provided to the client each month updating them on all landscape activities.  Meetings are held with contractors regularly to ensure expectations and contract deliverables are being met in a timely manner. This is an excellent option for property managers that are bogged down with other facilities maintenance responsibilities. Oversight of the following parties include: 

  • Turf & general landscape contractors

  • Irrigation contractors

  • Tree care contractors

  • Planners & Architects

Seasonal Educational Newsletter - Provide & distribute educational newsletter for onsite employees, residents, stakeholders, etc. that includes seasonal highlights happening in the landscape with images.  These include but are not limited to:

  • What's Blooming!

  • Wildlife spotted in the landscape

  • Tips for your home garden

  • All things green - Local/regional horticultural happenings 

  • Plus More!

Seasonal Workday Facilitation- Our team will plan and implement a work day(s) of up to 50 participants.  This is perfect for team building activities or ways to build connections among staff or residents.  These can be paired with landscape enhancements as a way to leverage staff / residents to offset labor costs on beautification projects.

Services We Offer


Packages are based on square footage / acreage of site



This includes a comprehensive landscape audit paired with monthly site visits.  This package is designed to get your property on a more sustainable path while also reducing annual operating expenses.


This includes two seasonal planting enhancements, one in spring, one in fall.  Each planting is paired with a seasonal workday that will provide the labor to complete each project.  Winsley will provide the design, plant material, site preparation (if needed), and workday facilitation up to 50 people.

This is a full service package that includes the following: Landscape Audit, Oversight of all landscape contractors with monthly reports, two seasonal planting enhancements with workday facilitation.  This will also include the distribution of four educational new letters for each season.

FULL SERVICE  (best value for each service)


All services are able to be customized based on your needs.  Contact us to receive a free proposal of services

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