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Lawn to Garden Conversion - How it Works

Step 1: 
Determine the amount of lawn you want to convert

The first step in converting any turf area will be to determine the amount of square footage.  Our team will come out to your property to assess the area.  This assessment will include taking a few simple measurements and gather sun exposure, soil conditions, and existing elements (trees, paving, structures)   From there we will be able to estimate the initial prep work needed prior to planting.

Step 2:
Choose your garden style

Next step will be to choose the type of garden you'd like to install.  Below are a number of options to match to your unique property.  Our designers consider site conditions and will advise on which option suits your project best.  Your site assessment will highly influence which style makes the most sense.  With that said, there are ways to combine multiple styles for complex project sites 

Garden Styles

Step 3: 
Choose a Maintenance Plan

All new installations come with a detailed annual maintenance plan and 3 complementary maintenance visits over the course of the first season.  We do offer additional establishment and maintenance services that you can customize depending on your needs if desired. 

So what goes into annual maintenance anyway?

Once established, the lawn to garden conversion requires minimal maintenance compared to the traditional lawn.  Routine annual maintenance includes the following:

Spring clean up - Normally done in late winter this is a simple cutback of grasses and perennials from the prior season.  Most of the debris can be left in the garden and acts as a natural mulch & fertilizer.

Seasonal maintenance - Once established our plantings are design to grow together and suppress weeds that might pop up.  With that said weeds are inevitable and will pop up every so often.  We recommend 3-6 maintenance visits per year depending on the site.  These entail a very light weeding that lessens over the life of the garden.

  Below are additional services that we offer in addition to your complementary visits:


included free of charge in all new lawn conversions up to 3,000 sf

  •  7 monthly maintenance visits over the course of the growing season



  • pop-up watering system set on timer for 3-6 month establishment period

  • 2 additional maintenance visits

  • Spring clean up for the following season


  • pop-up watering system set on timer for 3-6 month establishment period

  • 6-8 maintenance visits per season

  • spring clean up each year

  • planting enhancements in fall of year 2


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